List of Enclosures

Checklist documents for tax returns

  • Wage and salary statements (also for secondary or side jobs)
  • Transactions from self-employment
  • Certificates of pensions, loss of earnings compensation, etc.
  • Bank receipts of income and assets from securities such as:

Deposit statements of banks
Purchase and sales documents of bonds and equities
Credits from interest and dividends, etc.
Documents relating to property income and property maintenance costs
Debt and debt interest cards

  • Certificates of purchases in the Pillar 2 (BVG occupational pensions) if excluded from the salary statement
  • Certificates of contributions to Pillar 3a (linked pension)
  • Receipts for medical expenses and disability-related costs
  • Receipts for work-related expenses (including continuing education and childcare costs)
  • Receipts for donations to institutions with a charitable or public purpose
  • Other documents needed for completing the tax return eg. medical costs over CHF 3000. –